Rebel Salute January 12 & 13, 2018

The 25th staging of this event at the Grizzlys Plantation Cove, St Ann, Jamaica which began as a celebration of Patrick “Tony Rebel” Barrett’s January 15th Birthday, is a landmark achievement.

The event is a family friendly stage show that has stood the test of time and is now a significant part of brand Jamaica. It continues to grow from strength to strength as it attracts increasing corporate sponsorship. As per a 2013 survey done by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), just about 40% of the crowd it attracted, were foreigners, and this has grown considerably since.

The operational aspects included partnering with Knutsford Express to provide transportation from Kingston to the venue and back, well-lit secure grounds and emergency health services. Patrons had the opportunity to sample authentic Jamaican ital (salt-free), vegetarian cuisine, and have a safe place to try the offerings of the “Herb Curb”and absolutely no alcohol.

True to the tag line of the event, “The Preservation of Reggae,” there was as usual, a plethora of high quality reggae talent, new and vintage, ranging from the stalwarts Cocoa Tea and Marcia Griffiths to teenage new comer, Koffee. All the acts were sensational.
All in all the event could easily be summed up by Jimmy Cliff,

“Reggae night, we come together when the feeling’s right
Reggae night, and we’ll be jammin ’till the morning light

You will find it happens only once a year
So don’t miss out on this session here

There’ll be people comin’ from the North and South and East and West
So you better look your best, man
Now, lightnin’ strikes at 8, so you better not be late
For this rub-a-dubbin’, rockin’, jammin’, fun, fun, lovin’, yeah
Reggae night, we come together when the feeling’s right,
Reggae night, and we’ll be jammin ’till the morning light”
Jimmy Cliff.

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